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Ran its course

2012-02-27 07:37:04 by theGoronclub

well this account of mine has ran its course i believe i made it when i was about 13 and in secondary School, i am now 19 years old on my way to university to study 3D Animation to hopefully become an animator on video game projects, its been fun but i will no longer be contributing to this account, so to my 1 fan, i salute you, you've served me proud!


2011-09-01 15:00:32 by theGoronclub

hey people i have entered a contest to win a chance for my animation to be in a hollywood film production please help me out by voting, much appreciated ites/preview/a65d0f1461e15c0ea1a686321 6403186/228

College helps :P

2011-06-12 10:10:36 by theGoronclub

Being at college has Helped me get my New Productions Team Off the Ground "Drawing Under the Influence" it helped me start thinking about what kind of projects i could work on and what kind of things i should work on first for example i've been working on my teams Image through things such as Logo Design, Web Design and working to make it not just a productions team but almost a network that produces things such as Animations, Movies, Reviews, Podcasts and possibly more...

College helps :P

Animation woo!

2011-01-29 18:19:48 by theGoronclub

well my loyal fan just thought i'd let you know been working my ass off on loading time re doing the art and optimising everything even though i've only gotten a little bit of animation done its just that this is my first time animating using proper drawn stuff so it'll take some adjusting as its a big change from spriting anyways heres a pic of the latest model of Lloyd compared to the old one hope you appreciate the amount of effort i'm putting into making this the best it possibly can :)

Animation woo!


2010-12-18 20:31:35 by theGoronclub

yes Loading Time is happening i have been working hard on it lately and its coming along nicely, its still gonna take a while but at least im getting there slowly but surely, i had to change some artwork and re do some backgrounds but its coming along so stay tuned my single fan XD

its been nagging at me for a while that i left my worst pokemon trainer ever series out to dry so i thought i'd re boot it im changing the art style im not using the gold backgrounds anymore its all emerald and ruby now and animation will be smoother and voice acting will be better, its interesting how much somebody can improve over a few months hehe COLLEGE it works :P so look forward to that people


2010-04-20 08:57:06 by theGoronclub

i have finally gotten off my arse and came up with a new series which is going to be full hand drawn animation and it is called "Loading Time" which is a title i came up with whilst thinking that te series is about 2 gamers called Lloyd and Neil and i wanted the title to be game related and thought of Loading Time as it is annoying in games and i wanted it to be ironic but i dunno lol anyways i have some art for it in my art submissions so check them out if your interested but it should hopefully be good :P

i have been working my ass off on a new project which i call well just read the title of this post, anyway i have been working prety much everyday on it and its going well i have tried something different with the fighting like if you watch sonic vs mario the fighting is pretty bland but i have treied mixing things up one thing i hate is that all my animations run at only 12 fps and i want to increse my averag frame rate to roughly 25 fps but this new one still runs at 12 :/ but owell if i do a sequal to it i will make it run at a faster pace.oh and incase you are wondering yes i have been working on the worst pokemon trainer episode 3 its a fair bit done anyways heres a poster i did for it :)


new project

2009-12-22 21:31:45 by theGoronclub

had plenty of time on my hands recently atm im making episode 3 of "the worst pokemon trainer ever and im planning on making it a bit longer than the past 2 as i have had people saying they dont like the fact that they are so short so i thought what the hey i'll listen for once lol ep 3 is gonna be radically different to the first 2 by the way so yeh :D

whats happening in my world

2009-10-14 21:31:21 by theGoronclub

well first things first my new project thats right im actually motivated to create something new its a flash series that i hope will become quiet popular its gonna be called "Sonics Last Stand" and is going to be set in the SatAM universe im not gonna give away too much atm but all i can say is it should be cool till next time ;)